Welcome!  My name is Robert Harle and I use these web pages to support various activities I do. 

I am primarily an acadamic researcher in Computer Science, but I have a series of peripheral jobs or responsibilities:

  • My primary role is as a Lecturer within the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge.
  • I am a Fellow at Downing College, Cambridge¬† and was formerly a Fellow at Homerton College, Cambridge.
  • For 2010/11 I am the Director of Studies for Computer Science at four Cambridge Colleges: Downing, Homerton (shared role), Fitzwilliam and St Edmund’s.
  • I am currently a supervisor for a variety of courses within the Computer Science Tripos at Cambridge
  • I act as an independent consultant for a range of companies.
  • I am a keen track and field athlete, training primarily for the 100m and 200m sprints.
  • I am the Senior Treasurer of the Cambridge University Athletic Club.
  • I am a (very amateur) photographer.