When I was around 15, my school convinced me to try my hand at long jumping, and from then on I was hooked on athletics.  I’ve tried my hand at many events, but ultimately I settled on sprinting (100m and 200m primarily). Today I continue to train as a sprinter, although I find less time to train than when I was a student!

University Athletics

Throughout my student years at Cambridge I was a member of the Cambridge University Athletic Club (CUAC), and I was fortunate enough to win several sporting Blues over those years.  I currently hold the record for the most number of 100m Varsity Match wins.  I won the 100m at a total of 5 Varsity matches, taking the record from Harold Abrahams.

I am an active member of the Achilles Club (for past and present members of the Cambridge and Oxford athletic clubs).  I am also the current Senior Treasurer of CUAC.

Club Athletics

I started training as part of St Albans Godfrey Davis Athletics Club and now compete for Chelmsford Athletic Club.  I have represented Hertfordshire County for many years.